If you have completed studio art or design courses at the college level, it may be appropriate to submit a portfolio with more than 15-20 examples of artwork. If you are using assistive technology and need help accessing these PDFs in another format, contact Services for Students with Disabilities at 212-713-8333 or by email at [email protected]. For example, if you’re really great at sketching with charcoal, choose your best pieces to include in your portfolio, but also include your best watercolor or acrylic paintings as well. Alexander Gronsky. Also, I’m not a web or a graphic designer, so I don’t feel it’s necessary for my website to be anything flashy. A simple portfolio that’s easy to navigate through. A n important part of marketing yourself as an artist is going to involve compiling a professional portfolio of your work. The portfolio creates a panache and visual humor. Note: These resources were developed prior to the 2019-20 course and portfolio … 8 inspiring digital art portfolios and why they work. We’ve handpicked the top 26 unique design portfolio examples as inspiration to create your own. In May, students submit their Drawing portfolios. Each project page is also creatively displayed and every page is presented differently, which makes exploring Patrycja’s portfolio a great experience. I especially adore one of her animations looping on the homepage, it adds so much life to the portfolio, I’m also a sucker for animations so it could just be that. Whether you are trying to secure a spot in art school, seeking an art related job, trying to get a show at a gallery or seeking gallery representation, the quality and effectiveness of your portfolio can make a huge difference in your success or failure. Once you’ve selected one of our many art portfolio examples, all you have to do is insert your information to make it truly yours. Example AP Art Portfolios . Also, the individual project pages have plenty of full width and high-quality images of her work, and it looks fantastic. JAPI Large Size Art Portfolio Tote with Nylon Shoulder,24"X 36"Light Weight Waterproof Poster Board Storage Bag, Drawing Painting Sketch Bag for Student Art Work Portfolio and Artist 4.3 out of 5 stars 118. With so many online design portfolios of all shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to make one that truly stands out from the crowd. I also enjoy the self-portrait on the About page. I’m also a big fan of when artists have a bit of fun with their headers and logos, and on Essi’s portfolio, you’ll find a cute cat laying at the top of her site, I think details like that add a charming personal touch to an artist portfolio. I included what kind of platforms/services these portfolio websites are made on (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix or other) Click the links to read more about the specific platforms. The portfolio layout doesn’t overcomplicate things, it’s simple squared thumbnails you can click on if you want to have a closer look. JOANN has art portfolio folders sorted by price, brand, and material. Search “art portfolio example” or “ [school you are interested in] art portfolio example”. Another nice little detail is that the meny and text color often matches the illustrations, it’s not an easy task for all creators to do, but a lot of Evangeline’s work follows the same color scheme. Name the file “1stName_LastName_Portfolio” E.g. The Breadth section of the portfolio consists of 12 works of art that demonstrate a mastery of skills whilst showing the artistic range of a student. I took care to base my self-initiated briefs around real products such as children’s story books, a cookbook and book cover designs. The most important thing there are the pictures, so I want the visitors to be able to get good an overview of my illustration work as soon as they enter the site.”. These sites are examples of how online portfolios should be done. Jjring Carry-All Wired-Frame Nylon Portfolio Case, 23 … Seokkyun Hong (6) Color Pencil Student Commentary: The theme was “my space”, which incorporates Linn Warme has a clean and light online portfolio that does a great job guiding the visitor through her projects with the help of a layout that’s clearly categorised and structured. Whether you’re ready to kickstart your artistic career, or just want a beautiful online space to share your art with a wider audience, take note of the smart tools and features used in these examples so you can implement them as you create a website of your own. Drafting Portfolio for Bryon Kunz
Samples of Work: Sketches, Construction Documents, Site Photos
2. Making an art portfolio has literally never been easier. For example, instead of drawing with pencil, try doing that same study with crayons, pastels, charcoal, chalk, or ink. Xin Lian - Concentration. We combed through countless painter portfolios to find 18 contemporary artists with exceptional websites. Susann Hoffmann’s online portfolio is simple and easy to navigate, with a nice personal touch from the hand-drawn logo and the red coloured titles throughout the website. She also has a blog which I can always appreciate, even though it’s not that active I still think it’s a great way to make your portfolio more personal. Note: These resources don’t reflect changes to the portfolio requirements made in the 2019-20 school year. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. That’s really all there is to it. You could see that the tone, color, and layout are coordinated and balanced perfectly with the adorable nature of the content. Decide which works to include (7-12 is average). The portfolio is a great example of a portfolio with a great layout that makes it so easy to browse through her work. And hopefully, I’ll be giving you some great examples of illustration portfolios that do just that. Image is everything in the world of art and design. Another excellent clean portfolio where the illustrations get all the spotlight. “I’m always adjusting my website because I think a good portfolio should always be updated. Browsing through Lily Snowden-Fine’s portfolio is a wonderful experience, there’s a big variety in her work which makes it a lot of fun to explore and get surprised by her many projects. Throughout the course I took care to write myself briefs which showcase my illustration applied in a series of different ways and also experiment with real world applications showcasing my work in an intended context. Combine PDFs into a single PDF file, cover page is first. I work in Wix, which is very user-friendly, so it’s not hard to do! Lately I’ve added a blog which I intend to update as often as I can. I personally appreciate simple and clean portfolios that let the focus be on the artwork, preferably with a personal touch to make the design interesting. Download sample portfolios from prior assessments along with scoring guidelines and scoring distributions. The logo also takes a significant role in the portfolio and pops up here and there on the website. So just a simple black background and the art front and center is all that’s necessary I guess :)”. There’s also a nice “About page” with a picture of her studio space which is a nice addition. Download sample portfolios from prior assessments along with scoring guidelines and scoring distributions. Note: These resources were developed prior to the 2019-20 course and portfolio … The way other creators showcase, share and sell their work online. Successful portfolio examples. 15 Striking Art and Design Portfolio Examples to Learn From. Range of Approaches (Breadth)Selected Works (Quality)Sustained Investigation (Concentration), Sustained Investigation and Range of Approaches Sample Portfolio Sections – Scores 2-6, Student Samples: Breadth, Quality, Concentration. Drawing Portfolio Examples. “My current portfolio has been made during the course of my BA in Illustration. The Creative Art Class: Mark-Making & Drawing video download teaches you how to loosen up and add energy and expressiveness to your artwork. This means an online art and design portfolio is just as much a piece of art as the actual creations. Sep 17, 2020 - Project Ideas for my class. Note: These resources were developed prior to the 2019-20 course and portfolio updates. Best Artist Portfolio Examples in 2020 Nowadays, artist websites remind one more piece of art. A great portfolio is only a reflection of the great work it contains. Iris van den Akker’s whole site feels like a sleek business card with it’s coherent color and font choices. Jennifer Xiao portfolio site is a fun treat to visit, which perfectly suits her art style. A professional career portfolio can help an aspiring or professional artist be known by more people as using this tool can give his/her target market the chance to view his/her actual outputs. Need a simple, easy-to-create portfolio? For me, this is a perfect example of a portfolio that matches and complements the work. Final thoughts on art portfolio examples Choosing works for your art portfolio means selecting art that represents your abilities, experiences, and perspective. If you’re looking to create a portfolio for your own work, you can read up on our Portfolio Guide to learn everything you need to know to start building your own portfolio. Having an organised digital art portfolio on a single, central website is a great way to promote your work. The balance between color and line-detail is masterful, it creates a great focal point that gathers the viewers attention in a glance, stop … (As mentioned above, some art schools have past portfolios on display at the school permanently – in the campus library, for example). I find that this also allows me to demonstrate my skills and understanding of graphic design and page layouts as well.
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