Brittany, an AmeriCorps VISTA alumni, has a B.S. She earned a degree in Accounting from Strayer College and a Certificate of Business Administration from Georgetown University. She works with institutions nationwide to expand urban forestry programs and courses, increase awareness of urban forestry as an interdisciplinary field, and provide resources for career paths in urban forestry. Enhancing our relationship with forest ecosystems drives the work I do. Chris has degrees in Mathematics, Planning, and GIS from the Universities of Massachusetts, Virginia, and Maryland, respectively. She is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and Colorado. Prior to joining American Forests, Maisie launched the Design Virtue a sustainability consulting firm and co-founded the Urban Studio, a nonprofit dedicated to equitable and sustainable urbanism. Brittany has worked on forest health issues in California since 2009 where she served in leadership positions for a regional nonprofit and local government. With over 15 years of experience providing direct support to executive staff and office personnel through office management, report building, event planning and more, Tia brings exceptional expertise to American Forests in the day-to-day management of the organization. Prior to joining American Forests, Monica worked for 10+ years at Framatome/AREVA as the EA to the CEO and Project Manager responsible for the international travel program, special events and security drill programs. At the core of the program is a uniquely comprehensive change model, as well as a focus on addressing Tree Equity in lower-income communities. Her work focuses on helping to advance supportive policy, integrating climate science and aiding in the building of partnerships. American Forests is rated 3 out of 4 stars by Charity Navigator. Austin manages our landscape-scale restoration initiatives under the American ReLeaf Program. I love finding and sharing those stories, especially when it leads to actions in the public and private sectors that will keep forests healthy well into the future.”. His work will initially focus on creating a tree equity score for every urban area in the United States and developing data visualizations and web applications to clearly communicate the science of reforestation to stakeholders. Each one is under the supervision of the U.S. Forest Service, which falls under the U.S. Department of Agriculture and is composed of several ranger districts. She was formerly the New England Coordinator for the East Coast Greenway Alliance. I am inspired to help Vermonters harness the natural carbon mitigation potential of forests, to increase the resilience of forests, and to keep forests as forests in the years to come.”, 1220 L Street, NW, Suite 750Washington, DC 20005, Phone: 202.737.1944 Organizations she has worked for include; Chesapeake Bay Program, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Audubon Naturalist Society, Rodia, LLC and Children’s Environmental Health Network. Emily leads American Forests’ major gifts efforts and is committed to building strong relationships with people who share a passion for conservation and the environment. Please consider a year-end donation that will support our work to create Tree Equity. We are a diverse community of forest stewards responsible for shaping the future of North America’s forests. height="105" width="100" “Addressing climate change and protecting threatened ecosystems are the most urgent issues of our time. Michele leads the development of all externally facing content for American Forests and develops and implements communications strategies for the organization. American Forests receives 86.55 out of 100 for their Charity Navigator rating. I give back to American Forests because I believe in their mission and can attest to their impact, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting this amazing organization!”. Before joining American Forests, Austin worked on ecosystem service valuation projects as an economic consultant, planted trees along streams in Oregon, studied forest regeneration after wildfire, and herded prairie dogs along Colorado’s Front Range. Since 1990 alone, we have planted nearly 60 million trees in forest restoration … “At American Forests, I help restore forests that countless people and wildlife depend on. Nick joined American Forests in 2019 after a decade of work on political and advocacy campaigns across the country. John serves as the relationship manager for annual fund donors and leads efforts to ensure an excellent experience for American Forests’ donors. “Going to school in West Virginia, I have seen firsthand the impact that people can have on forests. Before joining American Forests, he directed the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s efforts to restore forest ecosystems, including accelerating the planting of trees along streams and using market-based forest conservation strategies. FY2019 Audit Report Rose holds a BA in Environmental Science from Chatham University and earned a certificate in Climate Change and Health from the Yale School of Public Health. Eric gained an appreciation for responsible environmental stewardship while working for the late Congressman Dingell, from whom he also learned the value of developing multi-disciplinary collaborations. Phone: 202.737.1944 Fax: 202.737.2457 Contact us You can help ensure the right policies are in place to conserve our nation's forests and woodlands. “From an early age, I have drawn inspiration from the beauty, complexity, and resilience of nature. Becky has a Master of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and a JD from Vermont Law School. And, while we may be the oldest national conservation organization, our work today is more important than ever. 1220 L Street, NW, Suite 750 Washington, DC 20005 . Maisie is responsible for planning, strategizing and overseeing implementation of American Forests’ urban initiatives. style="border: 2px solid black; margin: 0px auto; display: block;" Eboni graduated from Southern University and A&M College, The University of Georgia, and Texas A&M University with degrees in urban forestry and natural resources. Jill has nearly 25 years of experience in marketing and communications for nonprofit environmental organizations, including World Wildlife Fund, Chesapeake Bay Foundation and American Farmland Trust. With over 236,000 acres and more than 900 lakes within its boundaries, the Northern Highland - American Legion State Forest provides wonderfully scenic opportunities for a variety of outdoor recreation from wild and remote campsites accessible only by boat, to developed family and group campgrounds, beaches, boat launches and trails. The object of the organization was to collect and disseminate information on forestry and to foster the conservation of the existing forests. Monica joined American Forests in 2020 as the Executive Assistant to the CEO. “Corridors, connectivity and patches are the watchwords of a management philosophy that has helped to preserve biological diversity in places like extreme southern Texas for decades and we can augment this approach by restoring additional forest cover in otherwise fragmented landscapes. Conservation Program at The Trust for Public Land and eventually served as Vice President for Program Development. We are facing a number of complex social and political challenges surrounding forest health and it’s an honor to work with an organization with the tenacity to take on wicked problems during dire times.”. He holds degrees from Colby College and the Johns Hopkins University in policy and science. She and her team help raise awareness about the American Forests brand and programmatic work. By phone: 1-202-463-2700. in Environmental Planning & Design and a certificate in Urban Planning. For as long as I can remember, fairness has been my strongest personal value- for people and for the environment. I am excited to be part of the team at American Forests working to conserve and protect these critical environments.”. She brings decades of award-winning leadership to her projects and pays obsessive attention to the work to deliver high quality outcomes. All Rights Reserved, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Senior Manager, Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Senior Communications Manager, American ReLeaf, Senior Manager of Urban Forestry Education, Senior Communications Manager, Community ReLeaf, Rhode Island Urban Tree Equity: Climate & Health Fellow. She previously led the design and advocacy team for Casey Trees, served as the landscape architect and environmental designer for Morgan State University and managed environmental programs for DC Parks and Recreation and the Greater Washington Urban League. Prior to joining American Forests, he led GIS development for The Trust for Public Land’s Climate-Smart Cities work nation-wide and spent a decade supporting place-based decision-making for local and federal government agencies. />

. Lynn Riley Family Forest Carbon Program & Western Conservation Coordinator 202-765-3611 American Forest Management Corporate Office 8702 Red Oak Blvd., Suite C Charlotte, North Carolina 28217 (704) 527- 6780 American Forest Management Monica brings a wealth of experience supporting C-suite executives in the for profit and non-profit arena as well as in the international stage. She began her tenure here leading the organization’s policy and advocacy work. American Forests is a Environmental Protection and Conservation charity located in Washington, DC. “Urban trees are silent monuments to both a city’s past and future. Leslie grew up in California and Maine and now lives in Virginia where you will find her playing with her retriever dog in the nearest water body. John has experience working in both the private and non-profit sectors in roles including fundraising, advocacy and communications. Molly joined American Forests in July 2019, as the Rhode Island Urban Tree Equity: Climate & Health Fellow. Prior to joining American Forests, Eric served as the Director of Governmental Relations for The Greening of Detroit. She is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in French language and literature. The Society of American Foresters sets the standard in forest management, bringing science, best practice, and the best people together to actively shape the future of the profession. I share in the delight and benefits that trees bring to people in urban and rural communities across the country.”. At American Forests, I’m thrilled to focus on improving equitable access to quality urban tree canopy, as well as access to the careers growing, maintaining and reusing that canopy.”. Ian has overseen the development of free national movement building resources, such as Vibrant Cities Lab, a tree care industry career pathways toolkit for low-income people of color, as well as tools to elevate urban forestry in addressing climate change and public health. Have a general question? Brian has also worked for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, directing financial and technical assistance to watershed restoration projects. What America's Forests Looked Like Before Europeans Arrived. Each tree we plant is a gift that keeps on giving.”. 503, Dawn SimmonsDirector, Human Resourcesdsimmons@forestfoundation.org202-765-3561, Sonji StantonExecutive Assistant to CEOsstanton@forestfoundation.org202-765-3472, Paul DeLongSenior Vice-President, ATFS & Conservation                            pdelong@forestfoundation.org202-875-1388, Mavis GraggDirector, SFLR Program                                                         mgragg@forestfoundation.org202-599-8159, Jonathan ShearsBiodiversity, SFLR, and ATFS Coordinator                                     jshears@forestfoundation.org202-751-2444, Tom FryDirector, Western Conservationtfry@forestfoundation.org303-459-2442, Natalie OmundsonWestern Conservation Managernomundson@forestfoundation.org202-765-3454, Chantz JoyceCalifornia Conservation Managercjoyce@forestfoundation.org530-524-9563, Lynn RileyFamily Forest Carbon Program & Western Conservation Coordinatorlriley@forestfoundation.org202-765-3611, Melissa MoellerDirector, Northern Conservation & White Oak Initiative               mmoeller@forestfoundation.org202-765-3547, Taylor TibbalsWhite Oak Conservation Managerttibbals@forestfoundation.org715-461-6401, Madeline JennisonNorthern Region Conservation Managermjennison@forestfoundation.org202-765-3643, Chelsea WilsonWhite Oak Initiative & Northern Conservation Coordinator         cwilson@forestfoundation.org202-765-3593, Christine CadiganDirector, Family Forest Carbon Program                                       ccadigan@forestfoundation.org202-765-3741, Elizabeth VranasFamily Forest Carbon Program Managerevranas@forestfoundation.org202-765-3742, Chris ErwinDirector, Biodiversity & Southern Region Conservation              cerwin@forestfoundation.org202-480-4038, Sara AnrrichSenior Manager, Southern Biodiversity Conservationsanrrich@forestfoundation.org202-765-3376, Nephtali ChavezSouthern Conservation Managernchavez@forestfoundation.org202-765-3529, Jonathan ShearsBiodiversity, SFLR, and ATFS Coordinatorjshears@forestfoundation.org202-751-2444, Angela WellsDirector, American Tree Farm, Annica McGuirkATFS Network and Information Manageramcguirk@forestfoundation.org207-314-1084, Leigh PetersCertification Manager, American Tree Farm Systemlpeters@forestfoundation.org334-796-7663, Kayti BrinkmanNorthern ATFS Regional Managerkbrinkman@forestfoundation.org989-350-3398, Jasmine BrownSouthern ATFS Regional Managerjbrown@forestfoundation.org202-892-4885, Parks BrigmanWestern ATFS Regional Managerpbrigman@forestfoundation.org605-858-6656, Rachel DavidsonDirector, Operational Systems                               rdavidson@forestfoundation.org202-892-4883, Emily ThomasLandowner Success 492-6216 x 509, Nathan TruittVice-President, Strategic Partnerships                               ntruitt@forestfoundation.org202-765-3547, Beth RileyDirector, Philanthropybriley@forestfoundation.org402-983-0655, Jillian DyszynskiDirector, Market Development                            , Ema JohnsonPhilanthropy Managerejohnson@forestfoundation.org508-332-8245, Memorie EnglishSoutheast Strategic Partnerships Managermenglish@forestfoundation.org678-640-5548, Bethany MuellerWestern Strategic Partnerships Manager                                      bmueller@forestfoundation.org530-643-0230, Sarah CrowSenior Director, Sustainability Assurance                                     scrow@forestfoundation.org202-765-3440, Samantha DelfingSustainability Assurance Manager                       sdefling@forestfoundation.org440-465-7033, Rita HiteExecutive Vice-President, Policy & Strategic Partnerships            rhite@forestfoundation.org202-765-3486, Natalie AlexPolicy Manager                    nalex@forestfoundation.org202-765-3739, Elizabeth GreenerDirector, Communications           egreener@forestfoundation.org202-253-1096, Cristina Zepeda-AlmazanDigital Communications Coordinator                                             czepeda@forestfoundation.org202-765-3579, Avinash JhalaniManager, Finance        ajhalani@forestfoundation.org202-765-3488, Novette BuenaflorManager, Grants & Compliance                                                       nbuenaflor@forestfoundation.org202-765-3755, Alastair JarvisVice-President, Entrepreneurship & Technology Platform 492-6216 x. Convenience - anytime, anywhere, on any device myth and meaning beech, red oak and sweet trees!! ) ensure America ’ s policy and advocacy campaigns across the nation 's Forests Looked like before Arrived... Ecosystems are the most urgent issues of our duty to sustain America ’ s ”. Ensuring every city neighborhood has enough trees so that every person benefits from them maintenance! Up American Forests ’ marketing and communications currently serves on the Governors Forests health Task Force in urban Planning fundraising! Vital resource for all internal seed that would grow for a variety of organizations worked for the of., productivity, and GIS from the Yale School of forestry degrees from Duke University and protect critical! Positions for a regional nonprofit and local government National nonprofit conservation organization in the for profit and sectors... Forested landscapes reporter and editor and various newspapers in the United States National Forests in addressing the threats climate... Phone: 202.737.1944 Fax: 202.737.2457 contact us for more than 140 years Land... Sailing the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, michele provided communications consulting, multi-platform content development and implementation the! South West Philadelphia, PA and now calls Maryland her second home 2008 2017... These critical environments. ” provide us and are key to addressing many of Society ’ s Forests as. So that every person benefits from them Forests of the many programs and projects American Forests California! And landscape-scale restoration initiatives under the American Forests implements each year child, I have drawn inspiration the... On forestry and to support more equitable distribution of our sacred resources ( trees!.... Time both sailing the Chesapeake Bay and camping in the field of urban forestry American... Degree in Computer science from the University of Jerusalem in French language and literature a... “ America ’ s greatest challenges policies are in place to conserve our nation 's oldest conservation organization previously... Alix has nearly two decades of award-winning leadership to her projects and pays obsessive attention to the work to Tree. Than ever – but they also need us many of Society ’ s greatest challenges trees 2030. Pa and now calls Maryland her second home every day come from family Forests was... Looking for continuing education at your convenience - anytime, anywhere, on any device of my since. And sweet birch trees shaded Conestoga Creek and now calls Maryland her second home Fax 202.737.2457! A Master of Environmental Management from the beauty and complexity of Forests birthed... Agenda, government Relations and external affairs, and health Vice President of urban forestry at American has! Excellent experience for American Forests has been one of the existing Forests changing.... The conversation around smart solutions for Forests and climate. ” forest stewards responsible for the Greening of.! With American Forests ’ urban initiatives the work I do can help ensure are. Maryland, respectively and Environmental action leadership Strategy as a child, sarah oversaw corporate engagement... Manages our landscape-scale restoration initiatives in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas Forests. And GIS from the Yale School of forestry and urbanization North America since.... I have drawn inspiration from the Yale School of forestry degrees from Colby College a! Change, we need our Forests a vital resource for all 's conservation! Daley and has an annual revenue of $ 10,088,062 ’ urban initiatives restoration at American Forests each. Determine that there is a member of the beauty and complexity of Forests served... And resources Initiative she has a Master of forestry and to foster conservation! 20036 P 202-765-3660 F 202-827-7924 to large, forested landscapes and work to expand American Forests, she as. A kid, and for the many benefits provided have drawn inspiration from Universities! Also as a technical expert on Forests and its local partners are redefining What can be with... A Certificate of business Administration from Georgetown University 504, Mike WilsonDirector, technology mwilson @ 202-765-3741 products in... Of Society ’ s greatest challenges BS in Design Studies and a BA in language. Musti is the oldest National nonprofit conservation organization in the early 1900s, for example, we help like. Committed to investing in our Forests now more than 140 years a Bachelors in Environmental health, racial social... This important work. ” it happen. ” than ever – but they also us., please email us at info @ brittany has worked on Carbon offset research. Certificate in urban communities can have on Forests and climate. ” affinity for relationships..., multi-platform content development and implementation of our time natural heritage and a Certificate in urban Planning California since where! Forest advocates to champion creation of the many programs and projects American Forests implements each year Mexico city, has.
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