Hi. Last edited by Marios Alexandrou. Freeland MI 48623-9416 My chinchilla is at least 15 years old now. Lots of litter contains dust which can lead to respitory problems. You can gently pick up the female, hold her away from you, lift up her tail, and take a look to see if it has formed. Some chinchillas prefer hay. Chinchillas with any of these signs should be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. The treatment for a cold is one of patience and ensuring that the chinchilla has enough water and is kept warm. You can put a small amount of Foot athletes powder in their dust bath. If you keep the bathhouse in the cage, add more dust a few times a week. the following day i noicted some fur missing from her noise. Bettina Hansen's (website no longer live) Labor may begin soon after the mucus plug is discharged or one to two weeks later. As long as your chinchilla is eating and pooping normally, this is probably just normal chin behavior. They should be checked up annually anyway, but when a problem is observed it is important to see a vet soon because chinchillas tend to hide signs of illness. Hi, We've been to the exotic vet several times. Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! My chinchilla has not eaten for 5 days now, I toke him to the vet and they said he had a ear infection and over grown teeth, he was put on medicine for the ear, that was 3 days ago. I'm sure there are other chin care experts on here who would be happy to offer more in depth advice. A chinchilla’s cleanliness relies on regular dust baths. I would consider useing a different beding for your chins. One other thing, while a chinchilla's nose is runny, you should avoid giving it a dust bath. Press J to jump to the feed. Hi! Yellow teeth is good. Oh, and as a follow-up question, my chinchilla has been dropping some of his whiskers too. We have the most complete selection of the finest fashion chinchilla jackets, chinchilla vests, chinchilla stoles and chinchilla furs. They may, however, vary from hard, black, shrivelled droppings which may indicate impending impaction, *Presented at Chinchilla Conference organized by Region 7 (South Wales), B.S.A.V.A., 20-21 October, 1962. Recently i felt a round lump near the left side of the cheek in my chinchilla. He scares me as much as I scare him at this point, because every time someone puts their hand near his cage, he wants to bite. We looked at her teeth and they are trimmed and even, they are also yellow. Eyes are clear, ears appear clear. Is this normal behavior? I don't hear any coughing or rattling and he doesn't have any liquid coming out of his nose. He acts the same as usual, and like I said he doesn't bite it or seem bothered at all. We've had the older one for 7 months and the baby for 1 1/2 months. His eyes are clear, teeth are trimmed up good, skin is clean and ears are dry, clear, and cool. I don't want to lose her my husband loves her so much. My chinchilla is six years old, and he has been to the vet multiple times over the past few months due to teeth problems. Or click on "See All Conditions" to see every condition related to thick saliva or mucus. I bought a new chinchilla to accompany my old one because the old one seemed to get lonely. here was my first response to chinchilla not eating because of an ear infection, Countryside Animal Health Center LLC Also, if you've recently changed foods, your chinchilla may be eating too much of it because it is new. Also watch out for ears that are unusually warm and red. I had pneumonia about a month ago so I am likely to get it again within the year. Labor may begin soon after the mucus plug is discharged or one to two weeks later. You wouldn't want your new chinchilla to develop the same problem. She seems to be acting fine. He was whining at me in fact, just a bit ago to put his food dish back in his cage. Some web sites are saying to put salt and water on it so I might do that. Do you think they'll will ever get together? My googling came up with Pyometra, which i hope is not true. I'm going crazy waiting for this baby lol . He's had teeth filings and an abscess removed that was caused from his teeth scraping the side of his mouth. I recommend you get a second opinion. Signs of such irritation include an eye being held shut, constant pawing, and excessive tearing. Confirm the weight and appearance of the chinchillas. I'm trying to figure out what happened. Can they catch any sickness from humans? Is this anything to worry about? To help keep your chinchilla's fur healthy and attached to his body, make sure he gets plenty of dust baths. Muzuri chow is one of the best. Is the chinchilla still using the dust bath? Its been going on before we got the new chinchilla. It took a bit of round the clock care from me to take care of things. I don't use any chemicals around him or near his cage area or the room he is kept in. Categories: Veterinarians Please let me know if you had a resolution with your chin... If a chinchilla has a cold, would it have green mucus coming from its nose? I'm not sure if the width is too wide, it's approximately one inch spaces. A vet will be able to determine if there is something physical causing the irritation or if there is an infection that will require eye ointment. He still likes to play and loves the occasional raisin treat! Chinchilla Coats Jackets Chinchilla Jackets Chinchilla Coats Chinchilla Stole Chinchilla Vest. He gotten used to me in a week and let me hold him and play with him .. I have 2 boy chins . If she is particularly scuzzy she might need a light sponge bath with a barely moist sponge and a towel dry. You've moved in to a realm that is out of our league. If a chinchilla's teeth grow too long, there can be some serious health complications. However, The California Chinchilla Association has a good description of heart murmurs symptoms and proposed treatment. (sorry for my english.. its moscow 'calling"). After chinchilla intercourse, the female will form a mucous plug to keep the male chinchilla’s semen in her, so it doesn’t fall out. Has anyone else had this problem??? He's eating, drinking, playing urinating etc, is there anything I can do to help him myself or does he need a vet? I took the blocks away, got real lava blocks, and the problem cleared up. It's hard to say if the red spot is serious. He either uses his teeth or his paws. Symptoms of teeth problems include: A chinchilla's teeth should be yellow and not white. I know some animals can get sick from other breeds, but I am not sure about chins. Hope this helps xoxo. I tried some vitamins but doesn't work. I saw my chinchilla looked like her fur got wet, but i found a bunch of weird milky looking stuff inside her tube, and appears she rolled around in it, and she is like a porcupine at the moment. Chinchillas do really well at keeping themselves clean and proper. I have two male chinchillas about the same age in the same habitat. The ‘mucus‐trap’ CSM might be less efficient than the ‘wash‐back’ CSM due to a slower extraction of bacteria from the colonic digesta plug. God Bless!!!! Home (All Topics) → Pets & Animals → Chinchillas ↓. he stopped eating or drinking water. Chuck took it twice daily and has been healthy for about three weeks. They got her on three syringe deals I have to give her, and she is already looking better. A 2–3 in. They can also suffer from behavioral issues as well. A dramatic reduction in food consumption. He always has a cuddle bone or something to chew. The chinchilla is a common exotic pet, but is also largely used in the fur industry for fashionable clothing. It is deposited by a male into a female genital tract, such as the vagina, and later hardens into a plug or glues the tract together. In another weeks time the muscles on either side of the tail head become very soft somewhat like Jell-o. diameter, irregularly shaped, firm, waxy plug is often found in the female's cage after mating. This is where I took my chinchilla when he was off balance and not eating. can you please help me and my chinchilla, Gracie?! HOwever, about an hour ago he started twirling. If this doesnt resolver your problem then remember chinchillas can get colds just like humans. I can not tell if it iss a cut or not. This practice is completely normal and necessary for them to get important nutrients. My chinchilla every so often will paw repeatedly at her mouth,but this doesn't always happen.Is there anything wrong?What should I do? I wish someone would have told me this a while back when I had another smaller rodent who got very sick and died from standard store brand wood chip beding. Phone: 989-695-2200 Is there anything else we cam do for him that will help to either alleviate pain or to keep his weight stable? Make sure to keep the chinchilla warm and that it is drinking well. I also have the marble tablet as well. When it’s warm, give your pet a fresh dust bath every other day for about ten minutes. They have large, black eyes and bushy tails. He would walk in a circle then he would even roll over and had difficulity getting up. Hi, And if he has a biting problem try buying more chewing treats to keep him oocupied to were if you try to get in contact he wont have the urge to bite :) by the way ... Chinchillas usually need a pair ( same gender is better living together) different sex will make them aggressive (mostly male chins) i have 2 boy chins and they get along very well! Hi, I have a chinchilla named Chilly, and I got him from a friend's brother. long, 1-in. The mucus plug accumulates at the cervix during pregnancy. ,xoxo hoped this helped . So likely nothing to worry about. We've been looking at his x-rays that were taken a few months ago, and it looks like the roots of his bottom teeth are growing into his bottoms jaw. Is your chinchilla eating more hay and pellets? At least I think that's what it was...it felt like wax when I touched it. Good luck with the treatment. Thanks. when I tried to get him to come out of his home he was off balance. White teeth could mean calcium deficiency. We're no vets and our chinchillas have been healthy. Does your chinchilla like to chew on the bars of her cage a lot? The vets here in town are more farm animal than exotic... so I am afraid they won't have any idea what to do. Chins aren’t really able to reach in their mouth to pull things out, so they paw at themselves. The poops aren't soft, they're not oddly shaped. Be sure the vet has experience with chinchillas. Losing fur can mean many things. Click on the combination that matches your symptoms to find the conditions that may cause these problems. I gave him a rasin and tried to give him water. It sounds like a Mucus Plug, Female chinchilla's can get them from time to time. When she does this, she may be irritating part of her nose through repeated rubbing against the bars. Mammalian Species publishes 15-35 individual species accounts each year summarizing the current understanding of the biology of an individual species. It seems like we get asked almost every day "How do I breed my chins?". I recently purchased my first chinchilla. I'm so sad right now! It finally seemed like he was getting better, but just recently he's been acting strange. That is how they survive when they are in the wilderness. dust bath, it might turn out to be contagious. One of our girls had a similar issue. This is where I took my chinchilla when he was off balance and not eating. We're sorry to hear about the troubles your chinchilla is having. I had this issue a long time ago with two of my boys. A well balanced and nutritious diet is the easiest way to make sure your pet stays healthy. By Kris Selnar. Both of these conditions will eventually be fatal. The older one is a male who is more submissive to the newer one which is about 4 months younger.
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