Works in place of part numbers: WB44X6099, TS44X5099, AP7, WB44X5099, RP44X5099, WB49X40, WB49X0040, WB44X6083, WB44X5099R, WB44X5098, WB44X5083R, WB44X5083, WB44X133, WB44X126, WB44X125, WB44X120, WB44X119, WB44X118, WB44X117, WB44X112, WB44X111, WB44X105, WB44X103, WB44X0133, WB44X0126, WB44X0125, WB44X0120, WB44X0119, WB44X0118, WB44X0117, WB44X0112, WB44X0111, WB44X0105, WB44X0103, ch44x5099, plus others that may not be listed. The hex screws holding the retention place in place were blocked by the element itself, preventing me from using the socket wrench to loosen them. This model fits the following ranges:Fits self-cleaning range brands of GE, RCA, and Hotpoint ovens. Also replaces: Chromalox / Supco # CH44X5099 and Zoppas # TS44X5099 Gemline RP44x5099. The model number of the element may be printed or stamped on the element, which is the easiest way to locate a replacement element. The other part of removal and installation was simply pulling the assembly loose, removing 2 screws to detach the electrical wires and re-attaching the wires with the new screws (provided with the new element) to the new element. Most heating elements have 2 screws on the front side and 2 more along the back, connecting the piece to the rear wall of the oven. Thanks for patience as we search for an answer. 3. However, the broil element can still fail too, and therefore knowing how to inspect them for damages is always a good idea. It can also be bad if it has signs of physical damage and when you do a continuity test and it fails then you’ll get your confirmation. Turn the oven on and see if the heating elements glow red or orange. Also Read: How to Test a Heating Element with a Multimeter. Disconnect the Electrical Supply. Most of the checks shown can be done by any regular user with the help of simple tools and the user manual.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'kitchengearoid_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_21',114,'0','0'])); When in doubt you can always hire a company that offers repair services to check your device for you. Oh no! Hi Raven, The rod is surrounded by insulation and this insulation is surrounded by metal tubing. Thank you. Be safe, turn off the electricity before starting work. Answer Jo, the bake element WP866375 would be used with the model provided. If you would like help finding the correct fit, please e-mail us at or give us a call at 888.391.2020, we would love to help. Dimensions? This unit was well made but the electrical connectors would not fit those on my old GE oven. Oven Element for Whirlpool/Rca 308180, Ch4836. Check your oven model number to ensure this is the proper part. I had to return it for credit. If your oven is still under a warranty, then call up the manufacturer. Which way are the connectors are angled? Hi Kenny, Now you want to know how to tell if the oven heating element or the thermostat is at fault. Also replaces: Chromalox Supco # CH44X5099 and Zoppas # TS44X5099 Gemline RP44x5099. With clear sight, you should see your oven’s heating element glow if the oven has been operating at a high temperature for a few minutes. I needed a replacement for my ancient GE double oven model JD25A1WH lower heating element. Can you answer the following questions: What shape is your oven element? If it doesn’t completely glow bright orange, cooks food unevenly or doesn’t heat up as expected, it may be bad. I had a fire extinguisher on hand, turned on the oven and preheated. Item #1205258 Model #252106 Hi Leslie, This Oven Heating Element Fits self-cleaning range brands of GE, RCA, and Hotpoint ovens. If your oven is running hot or cold, or if it is just not heating up at all, your … With a thermometer, you can check to see just how far the heating element has deviated from its expected temperature at any given moment. You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents. Oven Control Thermostat.
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